How to Find the Perfect Dentist – 4 Helpful Tips, by Guest Blogger Cait Elisabeth

I’m sure if I asked you to raise your hand right now if you love the dentist, zero hands would go up. Myself included. I know, the dentist industry gets a bad rep for just being ‘scary’, ‘torturous’ or just plain ‘not my favorite thing’. However, it’s just something that we need to do because, let’s face it, we all want gorgeous white teeth! We want our teeth to last us for the next 70 years but to do so, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best dentist in your area.

Where do you start? How to find which one best fits your needs? I actually have 4 tips to help you find the best dentist in your area, specifically if you live in New Jersey!

1. Location– Nobody wants to drive long distances when their tooth is in agony. If you’re located in the Wayne, New Jersey area then your go to person is Dr. Behshad Ahkami who is the president of Glow Dental Spa. This gorgeous dentistry office is sure to ease your anxiety, tension and boost your confidence that you’re at the right place for all your dentistry needs. Being a smaller office, you know you’re getting the one on one care you deserve, want and need.

(Dr. Ahkami and staff Glow Dental Spa)

2. Knowledgeable – We don’t want to feel as if we know more than our dentist does when it comes to our teeth. Thankfully, Dr. Ahkami and his amazing team of experts are there to help explain and assert themselves to fit your personal needs. They help assist in hygienic cleansing, overall gum health, oral cancer screenings, detail x-rays of mouth and teeth and oral evaluations. Dr. Ahkami can even perform emergency dental services like missing fillings, sore gums, root canals and repairing broken teeth. He is highly trained in cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, implants, root canals, and all other phases of dentistry. Dr. Ahkami is also Board Certified by the State of NJ in Botox and all dermal fillers.

(Dr. Behshad Ahkami, DDS owner Glow Dental Spa)

3. Personal – I know we can all agree that having a dentist who truly cares is essential. Dr. Ahkami is truly an expert and it’s very important to him that his patients are comfortable while in his personal care. He will go over every little detail with you, your concerns and your overall look for how to truly feel the best version of yourself.  He’s highly regarded by his patients and peers for his dental skills and aesthetic appreciation. His philosophy is based upon recognizing that each patient has unique needs and expectations and ensures that each of his patients will approach their personal treatment plan with a full understanding of their procedure, options available and realistic expectation of their results. To me, that’s all you can ask for in a wonderful dentist!  Aside from Dr. Ahkami, the staff is just as friendly and compassionate. If swelling occurs after a treatment, they offer ice packs to assist in the numbing treatment area to help ease any discomfort that you may feel. They also administer a numbing serum to an area prior to injection, even coaching through breathing techniques to ease your mind, your body and your tension. Sedation is also available if needed.

(cosmetic dental work before & after)

4. Feel Your Best – We all want that perfect glow with our teeth right? Did you know that Dr. Ahkami offers several spa treatments at the Glow Dental Spa such as  BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, Dysport®, and Restylane®. These treatments help the skin feel younger and boost a patient’s confidence. Dr. Ahkami has been administering these treatments for over seven years! If you want that little boost, he’s the one to help! Glow Dental Spa also offers teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign – providing you with options for a dramatic smile makeover!

So, the next time you’re curious on how to pick the right dentist in your area, think of these 4 tips. Better yet, if you’re in the Wayne, New Jersey area, you’re all set to go to make an appointment at Glow Dental Spa! You’ll walk out with a healthy, more confident and refreshed look. You know you’re in good hands at Glow Dental Spa and Dr. Ahkami!

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